The best platform for converting your passion into Reality!

The best platform for converting your passion into Reality!

Posted on: February 10,2020

“Drawing is not what you see but what you imagine!”. Hello Audience, I am Atulendra Dubey, popularly known as an Artist & people love to call me “Atul Ojhal”. I have a huge list of fans following along with my well-wishers due to my unique passion for Art. “Ojhal” is the pen name that I have kept with a divine experience. Since I come from a family of science & engineering background, it was quite difficult to explore instead of realizing my passion for art. When I look back into the past time of my lifetime, I get to know that I was always inclined towards art & passionate in this artistic field. I still recall & analyze a few memorable experiences that come into my mind with an amazing throwback.

Atul’s Sketching is not simply at art however it has become a love of multiple people. Their love, appreciation, motivation & constant support kept me moving ahead & refine into the next level of success attainment. I am highly obliged & thank each one of you for your immense blessings.

Atul’s Sketching! – How I started the Journey of my Idiosyncratic Sketchings?

“Atul’s Sketching” got evolved through pure passion along with the consistent hard practice of multiple weekends as well as sleepless nights. What really inspired me is to represent the strength & power of a simple pencil. One of the major objectives is to create sketches perfect instead of making them immediately. Another objective is to make these fascinating artistic paintings for specific contributors in their respective fields over this beautiful planet.

Sketching gets developed through the different thought procedure that you have for a particular thing. Sketching is all about Imagination. The larger you imagine the more real your sketch could be created easily. I remember that I was so creative & innovative that as soon as I picked up a pencil, my mind used to picture how to start, from where to move on & where to end up? I have fantastic skills of even imagining a photo in 3D.

Atul’s Sketching-How I grew up giving importance to my Sketchings?

As time passed by, I completed my education in Software Engineering. I did a job for 5 years of long span time as a “Software Engineer” then got promoted to a “Project Manager” & worked for more than 5 years as a project manager & then worked as a Technical Consultant for 2 years. Finally, I have reached the place where I always wanted to be & now I am a Managing Director of InstaaCoders Technologies Private Limited based in Noida. You can even have a look while searching over at Google & click for more information at 

I am a self-taught Artist. I started while playing around with sketching on paper. I wished to make beautiful arts & captured pictures into mind so as to turn them into captivating sheets.  Faces started coming over sheets. The persistent appreciation through friends as well as colleagues kept all my arts grooming perfectly. The challenge was to deliver realistic sketches & with the creative idea of making it out with only pencils. However, it has been an indestructible journey so far however it has been interesting too. I particularly have used HB,2B,4B,6B,10B in graphite pencils & soft & hard in charcoal pencils extensively.

My 1st Artistic meeting with Sufi Singer Kailash Kher

This was for the very first time when I met a celebrity in my life. This was a beautiful start of my artistic journey where I got an appreciation for all my hard work & efforts. I was always passionate regarding music & was especially a huge fan of soulful singing. I grabbed this golden opportunity where I use to work with MNC in Bangalore. I, fortunately, met an amazing singer Mr.Kailash Kher.

Brief Introduction about the Sufi Singer Kailash Kher!

Kailash Kher is an Indian Pop Singer, prior in Sufi songs. He was born in Mahalka (25 km away from Meerut, UP) on 7th July 1973 within a musical environment. His Father Pt.Mehar Singh Kher, a Kashmir Brahmin, was a folk singer & a guru for Kailash in an early stage of life. Kailash was very popular for his melodious voice wherever he studied music. His unique high-pitched voice touches pure souls. His famous song- “Teri Diwani” is one of the perfect examples of this.

  • He tried his luck in business however he faced failure & was unable to get success easily. His friends advised him to try out his luck in Mumbai where he first recorded a private album with composers Paresh & Naresh.
  • That was the time when he came down to Mumbai & joined a band named “Kailasa” that includes musician brothers Naresh & Paresh.
  • Later he thought of moving to Bollywood, the track “Rabba Ishq Na Hove” from the movie ‘Andaaz” was greatly received. In 2002, his song “Allah Ke Bande” from a relative movie “Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II”, made him receive a household name.
  • After giving some of the good hit songs in Bollywood, he started going into concerts with his band Kailasa.
  • The way he sings in his concerts is way above appreciation & amazing too. During the time when he sings, he walks, dances so that he may boost himself perfectly.
  • This procedure gives him an ultimate look, aura, confidence & that makes him stand in Pop singers list. He started looking outside India for concerts as well.
  • He is doing tremendously great nowadays in foreign countries specifically in the United States.
  • He was a judge over the singing talent contest, Indian Idol on Sony TV.
  • He is also a judge on this show”Kurkure Desi Beats Rock on with MTV”, where he makes the judgment over the “Desipann Quotient” of contestants.
  • He recently entered into the amazing Kannada film industry.
  • Special mention needs to be mentioned to this song “Hale Patre” from the movie “Junglee” that has proved out to be a sensational huge hit through the audience.

I have been to one of his concerts in Bangalore. I have heard about him earlier however I could also see that day, how dynamic he was during his performance on the stage. You would be amazed to know that he captures the audience while being a comedian too in the mid of his performance. So, in this manner nobody gets bored. Overall, his all-round performance turns out to be absolutely tremendous during his concert.

How I met Kailash Kher?

I would surely thank the great Almighty who has blessed me with the creative Arts & just because of Atul’s Sketching I was able to get a chance to meet such great personalities. I, fortunately, met Kailash Kher in Chancery Hotel Bangalore & gifted him his sketch.  He appreciated my artistic skills in a perfect manner & the girls admitted his sketch as “a killer one” due to his beautiful smile.

In the above picture, as you all can see, he is looking at the Sketch & appreciating me. I had always wished & dreamed of meeting him & gifting him his sketch. & dreams do come true if you are crazy enough to make impossible things possible since ‘IMPOSSIBLE IN ITSELF SAYS- I AM POSSIBLE”. One of my biggest dream of meeting Kailash Kher came true. Even I cannot describe that amazing moment into just a few words simply. Since I lack words with emotions & feelings. The feeling that I had at that point in time was really fantastic. It was really a strange feeling. This all turned out to be possible just because of Mr.Pakul Chaturvedi who was the manager for this concert. So, while turning the pages of my beautiful journey that got started after struggle nights, Atul’s Sketching is loved by your support in totality.

I believe you would be able to take a lesson through the beautiful story of Atul’s Sketchings. For walking upon the right pathway, just wait for the next blog. Till then enjoy & take care!